I have been chasing great landscape photographs for 20 years.

I love the solitude of rural places, especially at dawn and dusk. The light at these times is soft, warm, and if the conditions are right – spectacular. Looking for a natural scene that is eye catching and evocative takes time and perseverance. Long drives, walks, and multiple trips to the same location are the norm. The hunt and the anticipation of discovery is as fulfilling as the capture of the image.

The goal is to capture and then print the scene as I saw it. It can be very challenging to take the photograph and then get the final print to match the natural event. This is especially true at sunrise and sunset, when the horizon has the very bright light of the setting sun and the foreground is in heavy shadow.

The finished piece, print and framing, will be stylish, evocative, and timeless. To ensure quality, I oversee the whole process in my studio and shop.

I call our style “Rustic Elegant.” This is a combination of modern printing techniques and the reclaimed natural materials used for framing. The finished work of art will be valued and cherished for many lifetimes.